Built-in guidance

Don't miss a thing with our build-in guidance. You will gain greater understanding of what is required by Councils including helpful tips and common mistakes that people make when completing a building consent application.




Reduce your paper clutter

Filling out paper-based forms takes too long and creates unnecessary paper clutter. Ditch the paper and complete your application online using the Building Consent App's smart application feature. 





Save time

24/7 access. Log in from your office, home, while on-site, offsite, or with a client, complete your application as you go; save where you are up to and then carry on from where you left off.



Stored safely

Applications are kept in one place for you and your team to access at any time, from anywhere. 


PDF Generator

Once your building consent application has been completed through Vizbot, the PDF Generator will convert your online application into a printable PDF including pre-populated details you have provided within Vizbot.