Smart, Simple Building Consents.


We spent 6 months listening to the pain points of people who apply for and process building consents throughout New Zealand.


With our engagement we've found

  • Financial uncertainty
  • High anxiety over when their building consent will be granted
  • Delays adding more time and costing more money
  • Restrictions on ability to manage resources effectively 

Frequently receiving applications with missing or wrong information, this increases the number of requests for information (RFI) sent per consent

Co-designed a solution

We have worked closely with 20 home and business owners, 50 agents and 15 councils from around NZ in co-designing a solution.


    Vizbot v0.1, a customer facing web platform

A smart application process

Visibility of the status of the consent within councils

Early access to council notes to help prepare for RFI

 We have found a way to

  • Reduce unexpected additional fees
  • Provide clarity over when their consent is going to be granted
  • Return a sense of control over the application process
  • Provide a smart application guiding agents through the building consent process
  • Better manage subcontractor and client expectations through seeing the status of consents within councils
  • Increase the quality of building consent applications
  • Provide better customer service outcomes 
  • Gain greater efficiencies meaning less time is spent on painful tasks

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